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Workshop RE-MEMBER German

New groups start every month!

Duration : 16 hours (2 hours per week)


This workshop is suitable for students who hold a B1 or B2 level German language certification.



The RE-MEMBER workshop offers targeted practice in oral and written communication, led by experienced teachers from the highpass team. Its specially curated content, tailored to the needs of the professional sector, allows students to enrich their existing knowledge of the German language and enhance their communication skills, significantly improving their oral and written expression.

During the workshop RE-MEMBER, students will review all grammar, participate in discussions, simulate interviews, debates, and will be able to draft their resume in German.

The goal is for students, upon completion of the course, to be able to meet the communication demands of everyday life, seek employment, and most importantly, to be adequately prepared for any work environment.

Call us for more information & register at:

2310 26.30.30 (Weekdays 10:30 am–10:30 pm)

2310 211.113 (Weekdays 2:30 pm–10:30 pm)

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