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Levels and Certifications

Adult Classes

Morning – Afternoon – Evening


in 4 months


in 8 months (KPg)


in 11 months (8+3 Oct-May & Sep-Nov)


in 8 months (GOETHE / ΚPg)


in 8 months (GOETHE / ΚPg)


in 8 months (GOETHE / ΚPg)

The candidate is expected to understand the basic points of discourse, if using understandable formal language and if the topics are familiar regarding work, school, leisure, etc. They should use the language in situations conducive to its use during travel to areas where this language is spoken. They should formulate simple and coherent speech on familiar topics and personal areas of interest. They should describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes, and goals, as well as justify and briefly explain their plans and opinions.

The candidate can understand the main ideas of complex texts dealing with specific or abstract topics and scientific discussions in their own specialized field. They communicate with ease and directness with individuals whose target language is their native language, making conversation with them natural and smooth for both parties. They can express their opinions thoroughly and clearly, explain their position on a current issue, and mention the advantages and disadvantages of various possibilities.

The candidate is expected to comprehend a wide range of extensive and highly difficult texts, even grasping implied meanings. They should express themselves fluently and directly, without frequently searching for words. They should use the language effectively and flexibly in social and professional life or in education and studies. They should produce clear, well-structured, and extensive discourse, even on complex topics, using various cohesive devices correctly.

The candidate is essentially capable of understanding anything they read or hear without difficulty. They can summarize the information contained in written or oral sources, reproducing the arguments and evaluations contained within them. They can express themselves spontaneously, with great fluency and precision, and can clarify even the subtle nuances of complex topics.

The State Certificate of Language Proficiency in German (ΚΠγ- German) is awarded by the Ministry of Education following successful written and oral examination of the candidate in German. The State Certificate of Language Proficiency in German certifies the knowledge of the German language at six levels, as defined based on the Common European Framework.

ΚPg-German Α1/A2 Basic User

ΚPg-German Β1/B2 Independent User

ΚPg-German C1/C2 Proficient User

We are

  • New adult classes start twice a year, in October and February.
  • Maximum of 8 students per class.
  • Three written mock exams (simulation exams).
  • Extra oral mock exams beyond regular class hours.
  • Make-up classes for missed lessons (due to student’s fault) available in other classes within the week.
  • Teachers with extensive experience and passion for teaching.
  • Extra remedial classes beyond regular hours during the last 2 months before exams.

Our success is attributed to:

Compassion and Sincerity
We understand the needs and anxieties of our students and stand by them not only throughout their lessons but also in their future endeavors. Relationships built on sincerity and love are the ones that last a lifetime. We don’t want to be just another language center where you learn a language and get a certificate. We want to be always in your hearts, to be remembered and cherished.

Our Team of Teachers
High Pass teachers possess years of experience and a contagious passion for teaching. They excel in understanding each student’s needs and are dedicated to their success. They see education as a calling, and their numerous awards and professional achievements reflect their commitment.

Free Trial Lesson
Come and get to know us by taking your first lesson completely free of charge. With no obligation, you can attend a class in any language you wish to start with and then decide if you want to join our classes.

Program Flexibility
You provide us with your school schedule, and we can assure you that you will be placed in a class that suits you.

Use of Interactive Tools
In all High Pass classrooms (both central and branch), we use interactive whiteboards connected to the internet. Teachers design their lessons based on these interactive boards, providing visual and auditory material. During lessons, students read articles from the internet, newspaper articles, watch videos related to the topic they are learning, and in case of absence, they can receive the missed lesson in electronic form via email. This way, we capture students’ attention and engage their interest effectively.

Extra Material
Many hours of practice with extra material in electronic form, designed by our teachers and tailored to the needs of each level’s examinations.

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